Procedure for burning CD’s using “Roxio Creator 9”

  1. Open Roxio and click on the “Data” folder.
  2. Click on “Data Disc” under the Data section
  3. A window will open on the right side where you can set the default options and search for the folders to burn.
  4. Set the default by clicking on the lower right hand named “option” next to the red button.
  5. Check in the “General” section and click on “Advanced” make sure the Select Drive Speed is set at “8x” so as to burn the CD at the lowest setting for best results.
  6. Then go down to “Data” and click “Advanced”  and have the following sections set to these defaults under the “CD Recording Options”;

    Type:   Track at Once (TOC), Open
    Mode:   Mode 1
    File System:   ISO +  Joliet (106 character file names)

  7. Under “Write-Once DVD Compatibility” section set the defaults to;

    Click on the second radio option that says “I only need to use discs for one recording. (You will not be able to add in the future, but more DVD drives will be able to read the disc.)

  8. Last make sure “Verify data written to the disc after burning” is checked (is on, with a check in the box)
  9. Click “ok” and the defaults will be set for the next time.
  10. On the right side of the window, go to the “blue CD”  and enter the name of the folder (for example, “FI05090101”), click enter
  11. Go to “Add Data” above the blue CD and click on it, you will get “Add file or Add folder”, in this case you will add a folder so click “Add folder”
  12. This will give you the option to browse for the folder you are looking for, when you find the above example of FI05090101, click on it and hit “Ok”.
  13. The folder will now show in the right side of the window and you are ready to burn the CD.
  14. Click on the red button at the bottom right hand.  Depending on the size of the folder, it can take from 5 to 20 minutes per CD, because of the 8x speed set as default.
  15. When the burn is done, it will notify you if the CD was burned successfully or if it has to be done again. If it should fail, just put another CD in and hit the red button again to burn the CD.  I have had about 3 CD fails but they have always succeeded the second time around.