Procedure for uploading METS documents to FCLA

  1. Use the computer hooked up to the Panasonic scanners.
  2. Open wsftp (use the shortcut on desktop or look in program files)
  3. Two windows will open
  4. The first window “Session Profile” will allow you to connect to FCLA. All of the information should already be entered and the password saved.
  5. Click “Ok”
  6. The “Session Profile” window should disappear
  7. The window titled “WS_FTP32” will remain.
  8. You may expand this window to make it easier to view the files
  9. It should have two columns.
  10. The left hand column is the local file directory
  11. The right column is the FCLA remote file directory
  12. Click “ChgDir” button on the right side of the left column (the local file directory)
  13. Type “M:”
  14. Click “Ok”
  15. Click on the “Batch_1” folder in the local file directory
  16. Scroll down and click on the “UPLOAD_FDA” folder
  17. Here you will find a list of packages ready to be FTPed to FCLA
  18. Select the first folder in the list that has an FI# for a name
  19. Click on the “-->” button located between the columns
  20. A window will pop up asking “Do you want to transfer the selected directory structures?”
  21. Click “Yes”
  22. Look at the bottom left side of the window. If the transfer process is working there should be increasing numbers counting the bytes transferred.
  23. When it reads “transfer succeeded” you may begin transferring the next folder
  24. Also you may move the successfully transferred folder into the “DONE” folder