Creating Text-Searchable PDFs (Tequesta Series)

  1. Go to original document source in Twizzler (libdlc on ‘artemis’) > Tequesta > FI06102501 > SN03633705 > Done (or just use the ‘Shortcut to Done’ on desktop)
  2. Highlight document folder in question, click ‘Copy to’ (on top icon bar) > libdlc on ‘artemis’ (S:) > Tequesta > OCR_input, and then click ‘Copy’
  3. After copying, go to Twizzler > Tequesta > OCR_input (or just use ‘Shortcut to OCR_input’ on desktop) and rename copied version by using the last two digits of the year given in parenthesis, then underscore and 1 (e.g. '67_1(1967)' should be changed to '67_1')
  4. Double click on folder and put all covers in a subfolder called 'covers'
  5. Erase all files except for tif files (e.g. Thumbs.db)
  6. Highlight the information in the address bar and go to Edit > Copy
  7. Go to ‘Tequesta Job’ (located in the C: drive under Prdev- Job or just use the ‘Shortcut to tequesta.job’ on desktop)
  8. Highlight text starting at (S:) and stopping before the last slash (\*.tif |APPEND)
  9. Click Edit > Paste AND SAVE! It should look something like this: S:\Tequesta\OCR_input\01_1\*.tif |APPEND (You should have 5 lines of text in ‘Job’)  
  10. Close all windows
  11. Go to ‘PrimeOCR Job Server’ and click ‘Start’
  12. After completion, go back to ‘OCR_input’, then the volume in question, then open the newly made PDF file
  13. Click search, and test a word and a number for quality control
  14. Print a few pages from PDF for quality control
  15. If everything is well, go back to OCR_input and after the completed volume, type underscore then complete (e.g. 67_1_complete)