Technical Aspects

Through generous funding by the Florida Heritage Project, the Florida Gulf Coast University Library and the Florida International University Libraries’ Digital Collections Center have partnered in order to digitize and make available on the web segments from the environmental education radio program, With the Wild Things. FGCU provided digital audio files of the radio segments in WAV format. The Digital Collections Center at FIU then converted the WAV files into MP3 audio files and created full-text transcripts (PDF) of the radio segments. Both the MP3s and transcripts are uploaded to the web and are available to the public. The archival masters (WAV files) are deposited for long term digital preservation in the Florida Digital Archive maintained by FCLA.

Descriptive information for each radio segment is pulled from a local database created by the FIU Libraries' Digital Collections Center, and then used to produce a Dublin Core record for the PALMM digital library. Technical administrative, preservation and structural metadata are recorded in a METS XML file, which is loaded into the PALMM digital library and the Florida Digital Archive.