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Featured Collections

Bernard Diedrich Collection As a well-traveled journalist, Bernard Diederich witnessed and even participated in countless events important to Caribbean and Central American history. His papers and media collection will thus provide invaluable sources to those who are interested in history, political science, international relations, and journalism, especially those who would like to learn more about Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, and Cuba, where Diederich worked for more than fifty years. The Haiti Sun Newspaper collection is digitized and part of the dLOC collection.
Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church A digital resource created and produced by Salvador Miranda, consisting of the biographical entries of the cardinals from 494 to 2014 and of the events and documents concerning the origin of the Roman cardinalate and its historical evolution
Charles E. Perry Photograph Collection An online collection of Florida International University historical photographs from the Charles E. Perry collection, held in the FIU Special Collections and University Archives.
Civil War Collection A collection of digitized books related to the Civil War, held in the FIU Special Collections and University Archives.
Coral Gables Memory A collection of visual and textual materials representing archival and museum artifacts documenting the history, culture, architecture and people of Coral Gables Florida. Materials for digitization have been provided by Coral Gables' Historical Resources Department, the City Clerks' Office and the FIU Libraries.
Coral Gables Talking Book An interactive virtual book, providing an entry point to various resources related to the history of the City of Coral Gables. The focal point of this project is the City's founder, George Merrick, and the other people, places, and events that shaped the City in its early history.
Coral Gables Virtual Tour A virtual walking tour of Coral Gables, which includes an audio narration and 3D simulations providing the façade of historic buildings and landscape.
Cuban Living History Project Miguel Gonzalez-Pando conducted a series of one-on- one interviews with prominent Cuban exiles; these became the foundation of The Cuban Living History Project. The interviews were later edited for three video publications, Y Los Quiero Conocer (And I Want to Meet Them), Calle Ocho: Cuban Exiles Look at Themselves, and Ni Patria Ni Amo (Neither Motherland not Master). This took as its subject the exile opposition to the Castro government and used interviews from leaders of the exile community.
Dana Dorsey Collection Dana Dorsey – the first black millionaire in Miami. The Dorsey’s owned property and had extensive financial dealings with the founders of early Miami. Included in the collection are mortgages between the Dorsey’s and Anna Brickell of the Brickell family.
Diaz-Ayala Cuban and Latin American Popular Music Collection FIU's Green Library hosts the world's best Cuban music collection. The entire collection has approximately 150,000 items that span the history of popular Cuban and other Latin Music. Valued at over one million dollars, the collection features 45,000 LPS; 15,000 78 rpms; 4,500 cassettes containing radio interviews with composers, radio programs, music, and other materials; 5,000 pieces of sheet music; 3,000 books; and thousands of CDs, photographs, videocassettes and paper files. Among the collection's rarest items are recordings made in pre-revolutionary Cuba.
Digital Commons A digital repository for capturing, archiving and disseminating the research, creative and scholarly output of the Florida International University community. We are working with departments, centers and individual faculty to select, submit, and manage content in the FIU Digital Commons.
Digital Library of the Caribbean: dLOC The Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) is a cooperative digital library for resources from and about the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean. dLOC provides access to digitized versions of Caribbean cultural, historical and research materials currently held in archives, libraries, and private collections
Disaster Risk Reduction An online library of over 500 important documents in the area of disaster risk reduction. Documents range from intergovernmental reports to published journal articles. Each document includes an annotation written by members of the program to provide users greater insight into the documents they are working with.
Everglades Digital Library An evolving library of information resources relating to the South Florida environment. The scope of our collections includes scientific and technical reports, natural history writings, educational and interpretive materials, datasets, maps, photos, and a directory of other Internet sites relating to the greater Everglades.
Everglades Explorer The mission of Everglades Explorer is to continually aggregate and provide ready access to "Everything about the Everglades" - that is freely and digitally available online - including: maps, photos, fine art, sound recordings, pamphlets, books, curriculum material, government reports, theses and dissertations, scientific data sets, and more.
Florida Environments Online Florida Environments Online contains both digital full text materials and research bibliographies about the ecology and environment of Florida. Digitized materials include more than 200 seminal texts on species and ecosystems selected by scientific experts throughout the state of Florida and digitized specifically for the linking Florida's Natural Heritage project.
Florida Heritage Collection An ongoing cooperative project of the State University System (SUS) of Florida to digitize and provide online access to materials broadly representing Florida's history, culture, arts, literature, sciences and social sciences. Thematic areas in this growing collection include Native American and minority populations, exploration and development, tourism, the natural environment, and regional interests.
Florida International University Course Catalogs An online collection of Florida International University course catalogs 1972-present, held in the FIU Special Collections and University Archives.
Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine Collection Faculty Publications & Medical Library Archives
Florida International University Yearbooks An online collection of Florida International University yearbooks, held in the FIU Special Collections and University Archives.
Frost Museum Netsuke Collection A collection of Japanese Netsukes.
Frost Museum Woodblock Print Collection A collection of woodblock print triptychs depicting first major conflict of Imperial Japan after Meiji Restoration of 1868 and the rapid westernization of Japan. The war was mainly fought for the control of Korea, at the time a subsidiary Kingdom of China. Japan's victory was overwhelming and swift, resulting in territorial gains, as well as Korean Independence and substantial monetarily reward. These woodblock prints were made by important artists and used in Japan as both propaganda and for the depiction of places the Japanese were only able to read about in newspapers.
Guantanamo Bay Collection The Special Collections department at Florida International University (FIU) holds pictures that were taken by Kenneth (Allegro) Shartz aka Fr. Cyril Shartz between 1994 and 1996 in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he worked as an English teacher, through the World Relief Organization. The collection is composed of 433 digitized photographs that detail the daily life of the refugees. Images also include pictures of the refugees, the humanitarian workers, the detention camps, the wildlife, and the naval base.
Internal Improvement Fund A collection consisting of digitized versions of the recorded proceedings of the Board of Trustees of Florida’s Internal Improvement Fund (IIF). This state government publication represents over a century of history chronicling development in Florida. The volumes in this collection span from Volume 1, 1855 to Volume 39, 1974.
Key West Oral Histories A collection of Florida Keys storytelling, these oral histories were recorded in the 1970s by the Key West Women’s Club for a Bicentennial project and by Dr. Virginia Irving for the Monroe County School Board.
Mana-Zucca Collection Mana-Zucca (born Gussie Zuckermann) was an internationally known pianist and composer. The collection was donated to FIU by Leslie Cassel, an FIU alumna and widow of Marwin Cassel. The collection consists of handwritten and published scores, full original orchestration of her works, including operas and marches, records, and diaries.
Miami Metropolitan Archive A digital library of important source materials relating to Miami-Dade County history, management, development, and culture. Among the topics addressed in the collections of the Miami Metropolitan Archive are local history, community development, urban planning and design, resource and environmental management, area studies, architecture, transportation, education, Black Miami, multicultural issues, and more.
Miami Oral Histories A collection comprised of oral histories relating to the Civil Rights movement in south Florida. The students of William H. Turner Technical High School conducted and recorded the interviews on mini-dv tapes. The FIU Libraries’ Digital Collection Center has digitized, transcribed, and published the oral history materials and placed them on the web.
Mile Markers: Linking Keys History A collaborative digital library project of Monroe County Public Library, Florida International University, and the Historic Florida Keys Foundation. Over 900 photographic images on the cultural and economic history of the elongated, arcuate chain of low lying islands known as the Florida Keys are accessible here.
Operation Pedro Pan * The Cuban Living History collection in Special Collections includes 114 personal interviews. 20 of these interviews are with Pedro Pans and others involved in the operation. The interviews are unique conversations with Cuban exiles that played very important roles in the early exile community and the creation of Cuban Miami.
* 14 interviews on DVDs conducted by Eloísa Echazábal and Carmen Romañach of Pedro Pans and some Pedro Pan parents. Both interviewers are Pedro Pans themselves.
* DVD copy of Nov. 22, 2013 book presentation by José Ramírez at the FIU Green Library, a Pedro Pan: Defining Moments: A Cuban Exile’s Story about Discovery and the Search for a Better Future.
* DVD copies of two presentations by Eloísa Echazábal: Operation Pedro Pan 1960-1962, and Unaccompanied Cuban Children’s Program Camps and Group Homes 1960- 1978.
Tale of Two Women A multimedia collection highlighting the lives and work of two extraordinary Floridians – Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Marjorie Carr. These two women shared a love of the natural world; an interest in conservation and wildlife protection; and the courage to confront the potent influence of developers, boosters and the Army Corps of Engineers in Florida. Each of these ‘Marjories’ was known for her exceptional intelligence, courage, persistence, and skills in persuasion.
Tequesta Online Tequesta, the scholarly journal of the Historical Association of Southern Florida, has been published annually since 1941. It contains articles about the history of South Florida, especially of the Miami area, the Florida Keys and the Everglades. Time periods for topics range from pre-Columbian history to the late twentieth century. While most articles are scholarly studies, many first-person accounts also appear in the journal.
USAID WA-WASH Publications of the USAID West Africa Water Supply, Sanitation Hygiene Program (WA-WASH), focused on increasing sustainable access to safe water and sanitation and improve hygiene in West Africa.
With the Wild Things An archive of segments from the radio program With the Wild Things produced by wildlife biologist Dr. Jerry Jackson at Florida Gulf Coast University. The collection contains both sound files and transcripts of the original voice recordings taped for the radio program. Each segment is one minute long, and each weekly set of segments covers a particular environmental theme.
Wolfsonian–Florida International University The Wolfsonian–Florida International University is a museum, library, and research center that uses objects to illustrate the persuasive power of art and design, to explore what it means to be modern, and to tell the story of social, historical, and technological changes that have transformed our world. The Wolfsonian Digital Collection provides access to digital images for over 17000 items and growing from the combined Objects Collection and Rare Books Library.