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Collections produced by or in cooperation with the DCC

Everglades Digital Library

Over 1500 digitized items representing research, educational materials, and historical materials relating south Florida environmental science, culture and society. Reclaiming the Everglades is a special compilation of historical sources from the University of Miami, the Historical Museum, and FIU. Search the EDL as a whole using the Everglades Online database, or try the new EDL Portal which is in beta mode.

Florida Heritage Collection

Statewide database of digitized Floridiana, with input from all of the State University Libraries' and their partners. Of the almost 4000 items available, quite a few relate to south Florida life, history, culture and environment, including a photograph collection from the Big Cypress National Preserve ; Sanibel Island History ; the Florida Historical Quarterly published by the Florida Historical Society; and the magazine Broward Legacy published by the Broward County Historical Commission. Search or Browse the Florida Heritage Collection from its home page in PALMM.

FIU Digital Commons

Pilot digital archive of FIU-produced research, creative, and cultural output. Newly launched in Fall 2005, the collection will continue to grow as more departments and centers contribute their works. Search current holdings from the home page.

Miami Metropolitan Archive

Over 150 works from the City of Miami, City of Coral Gables, and various Dade County agencies comprise this growing collection of digitized local information. Archival materials and photographs provide rich historical resources, while reports and maps provide valuable information on urban growth, planning, zoning, water supply, health issues, transportation, and more. A 'Black Miami' collection is currently under development. Search the Miami Metropolitan Archive from its project home page.

Mile Markers

Over 930 photographs from the Monroe County Public Library and its partners highlight the history, culture and landscapes of the Florida Keys. Search the Collection from the home page in PALMM, or browse through the Milemarkers online exhibit produced by the Monroe County Public Libraries and its partners.